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Just a little note to say that my ebook is available for free download from amazon for 48 hours starting Saturday 28 February – Summer Heat, which is the first standalone story in my ‘Sensations’ series.

Sensations 1


Here’s the opening ~

‘I’ve been having these sensations lately.

Sensual sensations.

Strong sexual sensations.

A woman’s strong desires.

Beautiful feelings in my body that I don’t know how to control, and which have been threatening to overcome me.

And my body’s been telling me that the meaning of my life lies in giving in to this most delicious pleasure.

It all started when the sexy guy moved in next door.


He’s gorgeous. Really, really gorgeous.

With the kind of body that makes you want to think of him all day long. You know the kind of body I’m talking about: the biceps, the chest, the abs that scream that sex is the greatest pleasure of all time, and that you should be spending as much time on it as possible.

The kind of body that when you look at it, you think, God, sex is so pleasurable — how could anyone have any interest in anything else whatsoever?


Oh, yes.

You know what I’m talking about.

We’ve all had those feelings.

Delicious feelings of joy at being alive and sexual in this world.

As soon as I saw him unpacking his jeep, I stood by the window to watch him. He had his shirt off in the bright summer sunlight, and he was only wearing his tight jeans, and his muscular body was highly toned.

He just oozed sex, like he had the kind of body that was designed to be in bed all day long, and making love all day long.

The body of a god.

The sort of man’s body that won’t let you think of anything else when you look at it, do you know what I mean?

It was funny. There I was, upstairs, leaning out of the window, and as I watched him carry his sports gear out of his jeep, I couldn’t help fingering myself with my right hand.

Does that shock you?

Does that upset you?

Do you think I’m wicked?

Look. I’ll be honest with you.

I couldn’t help it.

I wanted him.

I looked at his muscular chest as I slid my fingers into my jeans and moved them into the secret wetness of me, the moist spaces of me, the delightful wet soul of me, wishing that it was his body, his hard fingers, and his hard thrusting cock, investigating my inner world instead.

And then he looked up and saw me.

I got such a shock!

Naturally he couldn’t see my fingers gyrating in wet pleasure in and out of my pussy, because the windowsill was in the way.

But at first I stopped, frightened he could somehow tell what I was doing.

‘Nice day’, he shouted up, with a gorgeous smile that made my stomach do a somersault. He had the sort of warm smile that made me want to rip my t-shirt and jeans off for him there and then.

‘Yes, it is nice,’ I said. And it feels so nice to watch your hot body while I thrust my fingers into the wetness of mine, I thought secretly.

‘I moved in a few days ago,’ he said. ‘I’m just bringing in the last of my stuff.’

I wish you’d move your hard body into me, I thought. Fuck, he was gorgeous! His hair was a dark black, a sexy black, reminding me of the night and forbidden pleasures, and his eyes were a beautiful warm brown.

My fingers were still wet and sticky and I’d stopped. I raised my left hand to wave at him, hoping he couldn’t tell what I was up to, trying to look all innocent, but I made sure I kept my right hand down between my legs as I studied his chest and arms.

‘Nice to meet you,’ I called to him with a smile, trying to make my voice as melodic and inviting as possible.

The desires were rising in me, and I couldn’t help it: I started to gyrate my fingers inside me as I ogled his firm naked chest.

I want to be clear about this. And maybe you think it was wrong of me to play with myself in secret like this. But it turned me on to do it. So much.

It turned me on to think I was masturbating and he couldn’t tell.

Like I was getting one over him.


Yes, that’s it.

A little bit of delicious power…’

A new guy moves in next door during a sweltering summer, and he’s gorgeous. Linda watches him from her bedroom window as this alpha hunk gets his stuff out of his jeep – his bare and broad muscular chest exposed to the hot sun – and she wants his hot, hard and naked body in her bed.

Her friend Tracy suggests a plan how she can inflame his passion, which means wearing a little black cocktail dress with a supposedly jammed zip which needs his attention – a problem which, naturally, only his sexy warm exploring fingers can solve – and it also involves a secret video camera, so Tracy can watch the two of them naked together, and join in the fun without him knowing. Linda craves him so much, that she is delighted to make her friend happy…

A standalone short story. Length of actual story in the ebook: 7,500 explicit words.

This erotica ebook celebrates the hot excitement of sex, and is for broadminded adult readers over the age of 18 only. All the characters in this story adore the hot thrill of sex, and are adults over the age of 18.

Available for free for this weekend only, on Amazon US and Amazon UK

I hope my sensual words arouse you with the most delicious sensations. x

Naked and Sexual – Fiona Thrust, episode 1

Hi there!

I’m busy writing an ongoing sexual saga, simply called Fiona Thrust, which is named after my highly sexual self, ha ha! Because it’s a combination of my sexual experiences, and my overactive and frenzied sexual imagination.

I absolutely adore sex, and this is a story world I’m creating where I can record all my thoughts and feelings: about being a bisexual woman, my love of making slow sensual love, my love of fast frantic and frenzied sex, some of the many things I’ve gone through, and the wild ideas that race around this erotic mind of mine. More here about me and my obsession with sex. (And more here, especially about my love of sperm.)

I’m pleased to say the first episode, Naked and Sexual, is now available on amazon US and amazon UK for $2.99. I’ve got lots of plans for this series, and I’m really excited about it: I’ve made tons of steamy notes about which way it can go, and what the characters get up to as it unfolds, as they meet new people and situations in one carnal episode after another, and pursue the delights of their sexual pleasures!

I’m currently busy as a bee writing the second episode, Naked and Willing. The first episode is about 12,000 words long, which is about 48 pages. It starts as a M/F sexy time, and then develops into a hot M/F/F session, to celebrate the joy of being naked, sexual and alive:

Fiona 1 cover 500

I was as horny as hell.

Which was typical of me. I’m twenty-five and I’m healthy, and a healthy girl is always thinking about sex.

Once I had a wild fling on an otherwise boring weekend holiday in Edinburgh, with a guy I met who turned out to be a psychiatrist. He agreed with me, after hours and hours of our naked cavorting in a hotel, that I was a sex addict; although he did stress he wouldn’t change me for the world.

It turned him on that I was so sexual, and we turned a dull weekend in a grey city into something wonderful for the two of us. So, what was the problem?

Anyway, back to my story. I was sitting in a local tea shop, thinking how horny and frustrated I felt, as I stirred the spoon in my cup of Earl Grey.

I was so edgy!

I stared at the owner. God, he was gorgeous. Very tall and muscular, and in his thirties.

I liked the way he moved as he brought some cups of coffee to the customers at the next table.

You know, when I see a good-looking man, the first thing I think about is sex. I want to see him naked, and I imagine running my hands impatiently over his hot body.

I can’t help it: it’s just how I am.

I traced a finger along my bottom lip as I wondered what his erection would look like, and how I should seduce him. I thought what kind of approach would work best: whether to go in slow and seductively, or whether I should make him notice me in some hard and fast way…

~ ~ ~

The whole story is available on amazon US and amazon UK for $2.99.

with love,

Fiona x