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My lovely friends on twitter have asked me some delightful questions, and I was happy to post my answers there. As you know, tweets soon scroll off twitter into the far forgotten basement of the internet, so I thought I would repost my answers here.

How did you get into erotica?

I discovered it as a teenager and loved it. I found it fascinating how I could be aroused through an author’s words, and naturally I would play with myself as I read the erotic fantasies. I adored that thrill of masturbation, and how the book in my hands would care for my sexual needs and lovingly lead me to my climax. I absolutely loved it.

Recently I started writing my own, wanting to put it out on a global scale, you know? Wanting to connect sexually with as many men and women as possible.

How old are you? It’s refreshing to see a woman interested in porn. I think the average woman barely likes it, and that it’s more male orientated.

I’m 25, I’m English and I live in London. I adore erotica and porn. I love the expression of sexual feelings in words, or in images and videos of beautiful naked people being sexually aroused and intimate with each other.

It’s rare to find an English girl with this great attitude.

Thank you, that’s a great compliment. Yes, I think I’m very highly sexual, and I need an outlet for all this erotic energy inside me. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love a caring, loving connection in sex, slow sensual love, and a tender spiritual resonance, but I also have different needs at different times, and sometimes I just need a damn good fucking, to release all the energy, you know?

Are you single?

No, I’m in a relationship with a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the moment. There was a lot of energy and attraction between the three of us, so it wasn’t long before we went to bed together.

Which way do you lean ?

It’s a good point. I mean, I’m fascinated by the energy that both the male and female can bring to me, you know? I want it all, and my sexuality refuses to be content with choosing just one, or even allowing me to make a decision as to which is ‘the best’.

It’s so hard for me to make that kind of preference at the end of the day — I just find myself wanting to devour it all, to not miss out while I’m alive. To want and to need to explore.

I think it puts you more in touch with yourself being bisexual. It’s like you’re looking at yourself from all angles.

As for erotica, I do notice that I post far more pictures on twitter and my tumblr of women than men — I mean men’s bodies are utterly gorgeous, no doubt about that, I adore a man’s body — but there’s something about a woman’s body, in her curves and sensuality, which lends itself very well to erotic expression.

I think there’s something in our bodies which men don’t necessarily have — some kind of connection to the cosmic, the eternal, in our female bodies that I don’t always feel about men — they certainly have their own beauty, but it’s more of a kind of functional beauty, if that makes any sense. Different kinds of a very valid beauty.

But as a woman looking at a woman, it feels like a connection to a more ethereal sexual dimension.

Women are far sexier than men. Beautiful. Like a masterpiece.

I mean I can understand why the men on my twitter are so delighted with looking at the beauty of naked women, and it should be celebrated and explored, yes? I think it’s so unfair that men are meant to feel guilty for being interested in visual erotica and porn — to me it’s just so unfair on them.

They’re fascinated by the masterpiece of what women are, and it’s only fair that they feel accepted in their devotion to that energy. It’s so nice as a woman to share the things that turn me on with the men and women on twitter, to enjoy sharing the energy of it, and I absolutely love encouraging men to look at erotica and porn, which I think is so normal and beautiful.

Are you strictly faithful in your relationship?

We do have an open relationship so that if the opportunities do come up for anyone to bond with someone else, then they do have the permission to do so, but I’m not going to pretend that jealousy doesn’t raise its ugly head. It does and it can be difficult, and it is hard work trying to keep the dynamics of it all in place.

I sometimes think the three of us are sexually greedy, and maybe we should set better boundaries. But there is always this need to explore, you see, and not miss out on ecstasy when it comes along.

Do you spit, swallow or gargle?

I always swallow. Always. I mean, it can be fun to gargle it, to play with it on my tongue and swirl it around my mouth in front of my lover, but I would never spit. That would be disrespectful to him. It would look like I was rejecting him, do you know what I mean? So I always swallow, every drop, because I need to feel that this divine fluid — and it is divine — produced deep inside his body is transferred so that it becomes deep inside mine.

That feels intimate and bonding to me, do you see? I take his sperm, his life essence, his creative joy, and I transfer it in love and lust to my own body, to absorb him into me. He gives me the gift of his sperm, his creative sexuality, and my gift to him in return is to swallow it in acceptance of him and my desire to have him inside me.

Like absorbing his soul, his very nature, into me, in sex. So bonding.

I love the taste of sperm. It fascinates me, how it feels thick and hot and gelatinous on my tongue. It’s so sexual and intimate to feel it pump hotly and ecstatically into my mouth during his climax, his release. So yes, I love to swallow every last drop, in love and in lust.

I adore sperm. I also love the feel of it when he ejaculates onto my skin — the feel of his intimate wet hotness decorating my body, you know? Like his body is writing itself onto mine during his orgasm. His sperm bonding us, uniting us — and it’s so lovely for me to take this gift from him, his intimate fluid, and massage it slowly into my skin while I look back at him with love and lust in my eyes, do you know what I mean?

To lock my glance on him, to bond with him through my eyes, while I massage his hot sperm into my skin — to bond us through the flesh as well. To absorb him into me, to show how much I want him, need him, lust for him and respect him. So it’s a way of bonding again, moving his fluid into me, receiving him to make it clear to him how much I want him to feel valued when we make love.

Similarly, when my girlfriend is over, and the three of us are together, it’s nice for us to play with his sperm, to pass it between our mouths, to value it, bond through it — and of course it’s always lovely to massage it into each other’s skin as he watches, as our gift to him to bond the three of us together. So, thank you for asking, and I do hope this answers your question.

Would you allow a man to shoot his sperm onto your body?

Yes, I think it’s lovely on the skin. It’s warm and thick and sensual, very sensual.

What part of the skin? Would you massage it over your boobs? Would you lick the precious liquid up?

Well of course — sometimes I massage it into my skin, and other times I scoop it from my body with my fingers and swallow it that way. I like it anywhere on my body, but I particularly like it on my face, breasts, stomach and thighs, that feels nice.

Which sex position do you prefer?

That’s a good question and to be honest it’s hard to answer because I love so many of them so much, you know? And certainly in a love making session I would want to go through as many different positions as possible to keep the energy moving, to keep the electricity crackling between us, yes? That sense of the hot lust driving things forward, and never getting stale.

Having said that, plain old missionary is nice because of the eye contact. I like being penetrated while he’s looking deep into me, that can be very arousing and connecting. But then again, I like doggy style, being thrust into hard from behind. Being taken and possessed like that can be really, really lovely as well.

~   ~   ~

Thanks for reading! And a warm thank you to the lovely, highly sexually charged men and women on twitter. I love you all for your healthy fascination with the joys of sex.

I will post more answers here as I receive more questions. And remember you can find me on twitter here: @FionaThrust

Fiona x

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