Free download – Forbidden Affair

Hi everyone

Just a little note to say that my latest ebook is available for free download from amazon for today only (20th Feb) – Forbidden Affair, which is the fourth standalone story in my ‘Sensations’ series.

Sensations 4


Here’s the opening:

I told myself that that what I really needed was a man’s tongue slowly tracing its way over my breasts.

I was in the garden as the sun was setting, but it was almost as if I wasn’t there. I mean, I had nothing against the garden. It was nice, it was pretty. I loved being able to walk out into it any time I wanted and look up at the deep blue sky.

But I couldn’t focus on that.

I wanted more.

My tingling pussy told me that.

And the urges of my body speaking to me made me feel like my mind didn’t have any choice in the matter.

Good God, I could feel the deep needs inside me.

Those strong and beautiful urges…

You know what I mean.

The need for delicious sex…

Jasmine’s husband no longer has any time for her. He would sooner spend his time making money than give her the satisfaction her body requires. She doesn’t feel she can confide in her ‘friend’ Clara – because she’s spent her whole life treating Jasmine like dirt.

So Jasmine decides to betray the two of them with a session of hot sex with Clara’s husband, to the delightful satisfaction of her body’s needs…

An erotic short story: 6,500 words.

Available for free for today only, on amazon US and amazon UK

I hope my sensual words arouse you with the most delicious sensations. x

One thought on “Free download – Forbidden Affair

  1. My dear friend Fiona. Thank you for another lovely gift (Forbidden Affair) from your sensual and beautiful imagination. I love the way you opened the story with an erotic expectation, but keeping your readers in the dark until the phone call and the arrival. The conclusion of the story is also spot on, waiting for the “fireworks.” I love it that you left the “fireworks” to the imagination of the readers.

    Bless you,



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