Naked and Sexual – Fiona Thrust, episode 1

Hi there!

I’m busy writing an ongoing sexual saga, simply called Fiona Thrust, which is named after my highly sexual self, ha ha! Because it’s a combination of my sexual experiences, and my overactive and frenzied sexual imagination.

I absolutely adore sex, and this is a story world I’m creating where I can record all my thoughts and feelings: about being a bisexual woman, my love of making slow sensual love, my love of fast frantic and frenzied sex, some of the many things I’ve gone through, and the wild ideas that race around this erotic mind of mine. More here about me and my obsession with sex. (And more here, especially about my love of sperm.)

I’m pleased to say the first episode, Naked and Sexual, is now available on amazon US and amazon UK for $2.99. I’ve got lots of plans for this series, and I’m really excited about it: I’ve made tons of steamy notes about which way it can go, and what the characters get up to as it unfolds, as they meet new people and situations in one carnal episode after another, and pursue the delights of their sexual pleasures!

I’m currently busy as a bee writing the second episode, Naked and Willing. The first episode is about 12,000 words long, which is about 48 pages. It starts as a M/F sexy time, and then develops into a hot M/F/F session, to celebrate the joy of being naked, sexual and alive:

Fiona 1 cover 500

I was as horny as hell.

Which was typical of me. I’m twenty-five and I’m healthy, and a healthy girl is always thinking about sex.

Once I had a wild fling on an otherwise boring weekend holiday in Edinburgh, with a guy I met who turned out to be a psychiatrist. He agreed with me, after hours and hours of our naked cavorting in a hotel, that I was a sex addict; although he did stress he wouldn’t change me for the world.

It turned him on that I was so sexual, and we turned a dull weekend in a grey city into something wonderful for the two of us. So, what was the problem?

Anyway, back to my story. I was sitting in a local tea shop, thinking how horny and frustrated I felt, as I stirred the spoon in my cup of Earl Grey.

I was so edgy!

I stared at the owner. God, he was gorgeous. Very tall and muscular, and in his thirties.

I liked the way he moved as he brought some cups of coffee to the customers at the next table.

You know, when I see a good-looking man, the first thing I think about is sex. I want to see him naked, and I imagine running my hands impatiently over his hot body.

I can’t help it: it’s just how I am.

I traced a finger along my bottom lip as I wondered what his erection would look like, and how I should seduce him. I thought what kind of approach would work best: whether to go in slow and seductively, or whether I should make him notice me in some hard and fast way…

~ ~ ~

The whole story is available on amazon US and amazon UK for $2.99.

with love,

Fiona x

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